Coins of Tomorrow

The physical token company

Our mission: “Creating more awareness for blockchain projects by
creating physical tokens to fortify communities”



We believe that a community is the most important asset for the growth of blockchain technology and overall adoption. By offering a coin you can create a physical connection to potential and current investors. This is the best way to create more ambassadors that will inspire others to join the decentralized world of blockchain.



We deliver professional designs made with the most advanced software available today.


We offer a wide range of possibilities to create the coin that matches your business perfectly.


We ship your coin to every community member around the world, so you don’t have to.

Application & Benefits


• Reward contributors
• Growth of community
• Enhanced loyalty


• More prospects
• Curious to explore
• Word of mouth


• User generated content
• News exposure


• Healthier world
• Worldwide reforestation

“For every sold coin we’re planting a tree for a healthier environment that we all can benefit from.
All planted trees will also be placed in our digital forest called Faunaland.”


A digital forest reflecting the real trees planted through our sustainable program

Founding Team

“We believe in the value of blockchain, but we must also care for mother nature”

Rob van gelderen


“Our work is the presentation of our capabilities”

Lamine ndiaye


“A good first impression gives you an added value tomorrow”

Calvin Verkerk



CryptoBieb is the number one blockchain platform in the Benelux. By publishing news, interviews, blockchain developments and the highlighting of coins, the platform keeps all people up-to-date. CryptoBieb was founded in 2018 by a group of blockchain enthousiasts. They believe that the developments in this sector add a positive contribution to society. All of these developments are getting translated to great content. is a non-profit organisation that plants trees in areas where they are the most needed. They document every achievement in reforestation and make it possible to start a personal fundraiser for businesses and individuals that would like to help out too.